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  • Dark Spot Perfector

    $119.00 Price Excl. 7% GST
    • Reduces age spots when used regularly
    • Prevents new age spots from forming
    • Gives the skin a fresher and more even complexion
    • Provides moisturisation
    • Reduces wrinkles caused by dryness
    • Smoothes the microrelief of skin
  • Epigenetic Serum

    $119.00 Price Excl. 7% GST
    • Gentle Serum Emulsion
    • Innovative epigenetic agent
    • Helps to rejuvenate skin texture
    • Keeps cells young for longer
    • Rehydrates
    • Reduces wrinkles caused by dry skin
    • Suitable for all skin types
  • Face Guard Advanced

    $78.00 Price Excl. 7% GST
    • UVA protection
    • UVB protection
    • IR protection
    • Ectoine® for cell protection
    • Protection from oxidative stress
    • Slows down photoageing
    • Light texture
    • Suitable for all skin types and can be combined with any day care cream
  • Goodnight Hand Mask

    $78.00 Price Excl. 7% GST
    • For noticeably smoother hands overnight
    • Provides the nails with firmness and elasticity
    • Strengthens the nail´s structure
    • Nourishes the cuticle
  • Goodnight Lip Mask

    $78.00 Price Excl. 7% GST
    • Intensive care overnight
    • Soothes dry and brittle lip skin
    • Regenerates the moisture balance
    • Gives silky softness
    • Protective
    • Also suitable for the lip contour
    • Improve Lip Volume
  • Lip Balm

    $67.00 Price Excl. 7% GST
    • Kind to contours
    • Moisturizing
    • Skin-smoothing
    • Makes the skin supple
    • Protecting
    • Improves the lips’ volume
  • Scar Cream

    $88.00 Price Excl. 7% GST
    • The scar tissue will feel more elastic and softer
    • Speeds up the building of connective tissue
    • Restructures connective tissue replacement of the skin
    • Smoother, regular skin by the touch
  • Skin Resurfacing Balm

    $78.00 Price Excl. 7% GST
    • Speeds up the rebuilding of previously destroyed Stratum Granulosum
    • Build up of skins physiological protection coat effectively
    • Regenerating and tissue repair
    • Acts soothing and calming on irritated skin
    • Provides well desired cooling sensation

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