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    Age Perfecting Serum

    $124.15 Price Excl. 7% GST
    • Ideal additional care for more toned skin
    • Care concentrate in a light emulsion
    • Visibly improves the skin structure and firmness
    • Radiant complexion with enhanced luminosity ensures a fresh, youthful appearance
  • Instant Lift Serum

    $201.00 Price Excl. 7% GST
    • Intensive corrective care
    • Immediate relief for tired, tense skin
    • Smooths the skin
    • Noticeably reduces lines and little creases
    • Rich gel with a refreshing effect
    • Improves the radiance
  • Isoflavonia Relief

    $181.00 Price Excl. 7% GST
    • Increases connective tissue density
    • Smooths the skin
    • Visible improvement of the skin structure
    • Increases the skin’s tension and elasticity
    • Supports and stimulates the skins’s own regenerative process
    • Delicate soft gel texture
  • Luxury Oil Cleanser

    $65.00 Price Excl. 7% GST
    • Gentle, oil-based cleansing
    • Leaves the skin feeling supple
    • Also suitable for sensitive skin
    • No preservatives
  • Out of stock

    Micellar Skin Tonic

    $85.00 Price Excl. 7% GST
    • Gently removes residues from cleansing products
    • Alcohol-free
    • Stabilises and regenerates the skin’s acid protective layer
    • Moisturises
    • Refreshing and vitalising
  • Multi Action Cleansing Balm

    $85.00 Price Excl. 7% GST
    • Unique cleansing experience
    • innovative texture for maximum make-up removal, yet also suitable for sensitive skin
    • Provides and maintains moisture
    • Leaves skin feeling silky
    • Suitable for sensitive skin
    • Multiple application options
  • Night Recovery Serum

    $201.00 Price Excl. 7% GST
    • Combats various signs of skin ageing overnight
    • Gives you visibly more beautiful skin in the morning
    • Care concentrate in a light gel emulsion
    • Visibly improves the structure and firmess of the skin
    • Radiance and improved luminosity give a special fresh and youthful appearance
  • Perfect Lift Cream

    $170.00 Price Excl. 7% GST
    • Smooths the skin
    • Provides and maintains moisture
    • Visible improvement in the skin’s structure
    • Increases the skin’s tension and elasticity
    • Improves radiance
    • Ideal foundation for make-up as easy to apply
  • Rejuvenating Mask

    $119.00 Price Excl. 7% GST
    • Provides and maintains moisture
    • Noticeably strengthens the facial contours
    • More relaxation and care with every application
    • Improved radiance
    • Creamy soft and pleasant to apply
  • Rich Recovery Cream

    $181.00 Price Excl. 7% GST
    • Maintains moisture, balances lipids
    • Rich consistency
    • Increases the skin’s tension and elasticity
    • Ensures soft, smooth skin
    • Improves radiance
    • Anti-ageing effect and protection against the cold
  • Skin Contour Cream

    $160.00 Price Excl. 7% GST
    • Firmer facial contours
    • Smoother skin
    • Radiant complexion
    • Rich texture
  • Skin Refining Enzyme Peel

    $119.00 Price Excl. 7% GST
    • Free of oils
    • Smooth skin
    • Ideal preparation for ­intensive skin care
    • Clear, refreshing gel
    • Peeling without a mechanical irritant
    • Absorbs quickly into the skin

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