Anti-Wrinkle Booster

Anti-Wrinkle Booster

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  • Immediate lifting effect
  • Ultimate rehydration
  • Visible smoothing of dry skin wrinkles
  • Reduces long-term expression lines
  • Good make-up foundation
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Anti-Wrinkle Booster is the new lifting ampoule by JANSSEN COSMETICS, which leaves your skin looking visibly younger and smoother. The active concentrate provides your skin with the maximum possible amount of smoothing anti-wrinkle agents and reduces expression lines and dry skin wrinkles in no time.

Instensyl®, the 3D biopolymer made from cassava root, acts like a support net on the skin and ensures a noticeable lifting effect. Short- and long-chain hyaluronans visibly rehydrate and smooth your skin simultaneously. Saccharide isomerate, a moisturiser made from natural sugars, allows this effect to last for up to 72 hours.

Gatuline® Expression, the high-performance agent made from South American paracress (Acmella oleracea) eases micro-tissue tensions and can therefore reduce expression lines.

The result: Your skin is immediately left looking smoother and firmer – and more youthful.


• Instensyl® (Cassava Root Extract): Forms a support net on your skin; feel and notice the effects immediately

• Gatuline® Expression (Acmella Oleracea): Reduces expression lines and smoothes the surface of the skin; recent studies display particularly effective results around the eye area (crow’s feet)

• Long-Chain Hyaluronans: Act in the upper epidermal skin layers. Evens out moisture imbalances and reduces superficial dry skin wrinkles

• Short-Chain Hyaluronans: Penetrate deeper into the epidermal skin tissue layers. They can be stored there and thus enable an extra filling effect from the inside out

• Saccharide Isomerate: Rehydrating moisturiser made from natural sugars. This forms a natural bond with the keratin (horn substance) in the skin and is therefore referred to as a moisture magnet. Effects last for up to 72 hours


CONTENT 2 ml x 7 pcs


Gently apply Anti-Wrinkle Booster onto cleansed skin. To do this, snap off ampoule top using a paper towel to protect it and empty entire contents into a cupped hand. Then apply evenly on face and neck and gently rub in.

For external use only.

Directions for use: Use with iontophoresis only if suitable for skin condition.

Product electrode polarity: MINUS (-) Duration: 3-5 minutes.

Suggestion: Apply directly underneath make-up to increase durability of make-up and to leave skin looking more radiant.


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