Body Contour Booster

Body Contour Booster

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  • “2-in-1” product (shower gel and peeling) for intensive skin cleansing
  • Dead skin cells, hornification and blackheads are removed
  • Perceptibly smoothes the body’s skin
  • The circulation is pleasantly activated
  • Acts to combat “rough skin”
  • Ideal preparation for intensive body care
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Body Contour Booster is a thermoactive gel that cares for your figure by targeting and combating cellulite and fat cells. The fast-acting formula contains the innovative Cellu-Slim Complex, made from mustard sprout extract and capsaicin. The principle for using these unique plant complexes is based on new scientific findings which demonstrate that they can promote fat cells to burn fat instead of storing it. Mustard sprout extract has been shown to stimulate the conversion of fat-storing cells into fat-burning cells. At the same time, capsaicin boosts skin microcirculation. The combination of both extracts in the new Cellu-Slim Complex activates two important mechanisms in the skin to reduce both visible cellulite and body circumference. Clinical studies carried out over 8 weeks have confirmed the strong, fast-acting and visible slimming and anti-cellulite effects of the complex.

Furthermore, thermoactive ingredients improve microcirculation and the absorption of active ingredients. Avocado oil cares for the skin.

The smooth texture rubs in quickly and should be applied at night-time. At the institute, we recommend that the gel is used on clean skin and followed by a body wrap.


 Cellu-Slim Complex: Based on two vasodilatory active ingredient components: Capsaicin, the active substance in chilli, and mustard sprout extract. These two ingredients activate microcirculation and combat water retention in cellulite tissue. Cellu-Slim Complex also empties the cells in fatty tissues and converts the fat-storing adipocytes in the cells to actively burn lipids and therefore generate body warmth

• Avocado Oil: Rich in natural fatty acids and Vitamins A, E and D; cares for and protects the skin, leaving behind a soft and smooth-feeling complexion

• Vanillyl-Butyl-Ether: Induces a feeling of warmth

• Menthol: Cools and stimulates the metabolism


CONTENT 150 ml
pH VALUE 6.5


Apply Body Contour Booster to problem areas after cleaning the body with the Oxygenating Body Scrub and massage in. The individual areas of skin between the thumbs and index finger can be “plucked” and, as long as it is possible, pulled away from the muscle. Carry out the so-called “plucked massage” systematically from the knees, over the thighs up to the buttocks and hips.


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