Brilliance Shine Elixir

Brilliance Shine Elixir

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  • Fresh boost for the skin
  • Reduces signs of fatigue on the skin immediately
  • Smooths dryness wrinkles immediately
  • Long-lasting reduction of lines and wrinkles, especially frown lines and crows’ feet
  • Precious active ingredients make the formula unique
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Brilliance Shine Elixir is a highly-concentrated active ingredient ampoule that immediately compensates for signs of fatigue on the skin. The specially-developed fluid with precious Persian silk tree extract, MatrixylTM Synthe’6TM and hyaluronic acid moisturises the skin intensively, giving it a fresher appearance and invigorated radiance.

Long-chain hyaluronic acid works in the upper epidermal layers, replacing lost moisture and reducing superficial dryness wrinkles immediately. Persian silk tree extract boosts visible reduction of signs of fatigue on the skin. Sleep deprivation and physical and mental stress leave visible traces on the skin and increase its glycotoxin content. Glycotoxins damage collagen fibres and leave the complexion looking drawn. Persian silk tree slows the break-down of collagen fibres. Signs of fatigue are reduced, the skin is left looking toned and radiant.

MatrixylTM Synthe’6TM is an innovative peptide proven to fill out wrinkles. The highly-effective peptide stimulates synthesis of six vital skin building blocks (collagen I, III and IV, fibronectin, hyaluronic acid and laminine-5). When used regularly, it visibly smooths frown lines and crows’ feet.

The result: The skin looks beautifully refreshed and relaxed. When used regularly, it also visibly reduces wrinkles.


• Persian Silk Tree Extract: Extract from the bark of the Persian silk tree (Albzia Julirissin) helps combat signs of fatigue on the skin (matte complexion, drawn facial features)

• MatrixylTM Synthe’6TM (Palmitoyl Tripeptide-38): Highly-effective anti-wrinkle active ingredient; smooths lines and wrinkles

• Long-Chain Hyaluronic Acid: Cares for skin, moisturises, smooths


CONTENT 2 ml x 7 pcs


Spread Brilliance Shine Elixir gently across cleansed skin. Hold the ampoule in a paper towel, snap off the top and pour the entire contents into the palm of the hand. Then spread evenly over the face and neck and pat in gently.

For external use only.

Application information: Application with iontophorese only if skin condition permits.

Polarity of product electrodes: MINUS    (-) Duration: 5 minutes.


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