Caviar Luxury Cream

Caviar Luxury Cream

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  • Luxury care for skin in need of regeneration
  • Activates and promotes natural regeneration
  • Moisture providing
  • Protects from free radicals
  • Renews cell energy
  • Delivers noticeably smoother and fresher skin
  • A rich and smooth texture
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Caviar Luxury Cream is an intensive treatment for skin in need of regeneration. The luxurious formula is perfect for women who demand only the best for themselves. It contains valuable ingredients that regenerate and deliver new energy to stressed skin. Thanks to the silky texture and the exquisite blend of fragrances, all the senses are equally involved.

Caviar extract is rich in amino acids, lipids, and vitamins. This valuable extract is an excellent anti-aging substance and has a strong regenerating effect. It provides moisture, reduces wrinkles and re-activates the skin’s metabolism.

Short and long-chain hyaluronic acid provide intense moisture, instantly smooths wrinkles arising from dry skin and plump up the skin from the inside.

A special yeast extract stimulates the synthesis of anchor proteins (type IV and VII collagen) in the dermo-epidermal junction layer and thereby reducing the volume and depth of the skin creases.

The result: Wrinkles are visibly reduced and the skin preserves its elasticity, smoothness and vibrant glow.


• Caviar Extract: Rich in amino acids, vitamins and lipids. The skin is protected from free radicals and provided with valuable nutrients and moisture

• Yeast Extract: Rich in oligo and polysaccharides; it stimulates the synthesis of anchor proteins (type IV and VII collagen) in the dermo-epidermal junction layer and thereby reduces the volume and depth of the skin creases

• Long-Chain Hyaluronic Acid: Acts on the upper epidermal skin layers. It offsets moisture deficits and reduces superficial wrinkles caused by dry skin

• Short-Chain Hyaluronic Acid: Penetrates deeper into the epidermal skin layers. There it can be stored and it causes an additional refilling effect from the inside out

• Saccharide Isomerate: Moisturiser from natural sugars. This forms a natural bond with the skin’s keratin and is, therefore, also referred to as “moisture magnet”

• Silk Extract: For a delicate, silky skin feel

• Vitamin E Acetate: Radical catchers


pH VALUE 4.8


Apply to cleansed skin mornings and evenings and gently massage in.

Tip: In combination with the Caviar Extract ampoule, the active extracts achieve an intense synergy with an immediately visible skin smoothing effect.


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