Cooling Leg Lotion

Cooling Leg Lotion

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  • Ideal for tired, heavy legs and feet
  • Fresh and reviving
  • Stimulates the microcirculation
  • Moisturizing
  • Rapidly absorbed and caring
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Every woman wants beautifully shaped legs and slim ankles. Not infrequently, however, women in particular tend to suffer from heavy legs, accompanied by feelings of tension and swollen ankles. This is often an indication of venous and connective tissue weakness. Added to this are the stresses of our modern life: excess weight, lack of exercise, tight shoes, jobs involving long periods of sitting and standing as well as long car journeys and flights additionally stress the veins.

Once the blood backs up in the veins, it does so back into even the most minute vessels, where it leads to dilation. The vessel walls become porous and fluid is able to escape into the surrounding tissue.

Exercise is now important, because any muscle activity promotes the intact venous activity and leads to a powerful blood and lymph flow. Alternating showers (cold and warm) additionally stimulate the circulation.

Cooling Leg Lotion ensures even greater well-being! The highly effective active substance gel acts quickly and effectively, and revives tired legs again. No wonder, because it contains circulation-promoting plant extracts from red vine leaves and horse chestnut. These impart a feeling of an internal support stocking for increased lightness. Genuine eucalyptus oil and natural menthol immediately refresh and leave behind a long-lasting cooling effect.


• Red Vine Leaves: Strengthen the skin tissue and support its vitality

• Horse Chestnut: Strengthens the skin tissue and relieves tired legs

• Eucalyptus Oil: Long-lasting and refreshing cooling

• Menthol: Cools and revives the metabolism

• Glycerin: Trivalent alcohol, constituent of plant-based lipids, moisture-binding, reduces the horny skin’s trans-epidermal water loss


CONTENT 150 ml


Distribute Cooling Leg Lotion over the feet and legs several times a day as required and massage in from bottom to top.

SKIN APPLETS offers a product range for supporting body treatment in the beauty salon. The care concept is easy to apply and ideal for heavy feet and tired legs.

Tip: Starting with the shower head’s cold water jet on the outer side of the right foot, move along the leg up to the bottom and back down along the inner side of the leg. Repeat the process on the left leg. Then shower the soles of the feet with cold water. Dry the legs and apply Cooling Leg Lotion. Keep the feet warm in socks and place in a raised position.

Rapid aid when on the go: simply apply Cooling Leg Lotion over nylon stockings. It does not stick, is rapidly absorbed and immediately refreshes.

Note: Please do not apply immediately after depilation. Avoid contact with eyes. Wash your hands after applying. Do not use on newborn babies and young children.


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