Goodnight Lip Mask

Goodnight Lip Mask

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  • Intensive care overnight
  • Soothes dry and brittle lip skin
  • Regenerates the moisture balance
  • Gives silky softness
  • Protective
  • Also suitable for the lip contour
  • Improve Lip Volume
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Whilst facial skin contains over 20 layers of dead skin (the horny layer), lip skin only comprises of 3-5 layers. Additionally, it lacks the protective outer horny layer and, unlike the rest of the skin, has no moisturising sebum and sweat glands. Therefore, it loses moisture faster. This leads to visible wrinkles and fine lines on the edges of the lip as well as brittle lips.  The Goodnight Lip Mask provides the lips with nourishing agents at night, when the skin is particularly busy with regeneration and collagen build-up and repair mechanisms are running at full speed.

The rich lip treatment is applied in the evenings and stays on the skin overnight. The Goodnight Lip Mask contains valuable, plant-based lipids that melt to form a silky protective film when applied to the lips. Shea butter, sunflower wax, and candelilla wax soften the delicate lip skin noticeably and protect it from moisture loss. Cottonseed oil and linseed oil provide the skin with essential fatty acids and vitamins. Enriched with paracress extract and hyaluronic acid, the mask also smooths the skin in the adjacent upper lip area.

The result: Dry, brittle lips get an irresistible, silky smoothness overnight. The lips are moisturised and appear more plump.


• Shea Butter: high-quality natural substance from the nuts of the shea butter tree (Butyrospermum Parkii), moisturising, smoothing and softening, and prevents the skin from drying out

• Sunflower Wax: obtained from sunflower seeds; creates a pleasant feeling on the skin; protective

• Candelilla Wax: is obtained from the leaves and stems of the Candelilla bush (Euphorbia antisyphilitica) native to northern Mexico and the southwestern United States; provides consistency, protection

• Linseed Oil: is derived from flaxseed and is rich in omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids; strengthens the barrier function of the skin

• Cottonseed Oil: is pressed cottonseed, rich in vitamin E; protects the skin

• Paracress Extract (Spilanthes Acmella): reduces expression lines and smooths the skin surface

• Hyaluronic Acid: provides moisture




Goodnight Lip Mask is applied onto cleansed lip skin in the evening and treats the delicate skin in three steps:

1. Massage in – apply the mask generously to the lips and along the lip contour and massage in.

2. Let it work – valuable ingredients penetrate the skin overnight, relax and smooth.

3. Wake up relaxed – with smooth and irresistibly supple lips.


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