Hydrating Gel Mask+

Hydrating Gel Mask+

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  • Moisturizing gel mask for dry skin
  • Moisture retention factor with long-term 24-hour effect
  • Binds moisture in the epidermis
  • Restores the skin’s hydrolipidic barrier
  • Skin-smoothing
  • Provides beneficial suppleness and a fresh, optimal moisture effect
  • Can be ideally applied in combination with Aquatense Moisture Gel+ to treat causes of moisture loss
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Hydrating Gel Mask+ is an intensive effect mask that intensively supplies thirsty skin with moisture. The product’s light, gel-like consistency binds the moisture in the epidermis and restores the skin’s hydrolipidic barrier.

The unique active substance aquaporin-stimulating peptide (ASP) promotes the skin’s native aquaporins, the cells’ “water fountains”. It ensures a balanced moisture supply, as the synthesis of new water/glycerin channels (in the cell membrane) between the individual cells in the epidermis is stimulated. This promotes the transport of water and glycerin from the inside to the outside. The more of these water channels a cell membrane has, the more moisture enters the interior of the cell. As a result, skin hydration is not only maintained but actually increased with aquaporin-stimulating peptide (ASP).

The root extract from the desert plant Imperata cylindrica additionally retains the skin’s moisture content and ensures a quick and continuous supply of moisture. Sorbitol, a plant-based sugar with moisturizing properties, helps to bind water molecules on the surface of the skin.

The high concentration of moisture retention substances immediately lends the skin a feeling of freshness and is also based on a long-term effect. Even 24 hours after application, the moisture content is still increased by 20%!

The skin takes on a visibly healthy, vital appearance in the long term, a refined skin profile and an even, silky-soft complexion.


• Aquaporin-Stimulating Peptide (ASP): Increase in the moisture content of the Stratum corneum, the outer layer of the epidermis – the horny layer – through activation of the skin’s native aquaporins (water-conducting channels in the cell membrane)

Imperata Cylindrica Root Extract: Root extract from the desert plant Imperata cylindrica, which is able to survive even under extremely dry conditions. Retains the skin’s moisture content and ensures a quick and continuous supply of moisture

Sorbitol: Plant-based sugar with moisturizing properties. Crucially regulates the skin’s moisture content


pH VALUE 6.3


Use the gel brush to distribute a thin layer of the gel mask directly onto the face and neckline, including the eye area. Time required to work in: 5-20 minutes. Remove residues with moist mask sponges and continue to provide the skin with the usual care. For maximum pampering effect, allow the mask to work in over night.

Tip: Relaxation is an essential element of strength.

While the mask is working in, you should relax – another nice way of pampering yourself.

Hydrating Gel Mask+ is outstandingly suitable as a moisturizing contact gel in ultrasound applications.

It is also fantastic as an after sun mask, after sport and a visit to the sauna.


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