Lifting & Recovery Cream

Lifting & Recovery Cream

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  • Moisturizing and moisture-binding
  • Smoothes the epidermis
  • Increases resilience and elasticity
  • Stimulates the natural skin functions
  • Visible improvement of the skin structure
  • Reduces initial wrinkles
  • Combats premature skin aging
  • Leaves the skin feeling soft and supple
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There are certain periods in life during which a fresh and recuperated skin profile should be restored as quickly as possible. Regular care with an unusual “cure cream” is intended to make demanding skin smooth and supple again. What is now needed is the lifting cream with immediate effect as a so-called “all-rounder”.

Lifting & Recovery Cream is an ideal protection and active substance cream which combats premature evaporation of the skin’s native moisture and simultaneously ensures a better skin structure.

Lifting & Recovery Cream protects the skin during the day and supports it at night. Applied in the form of a cure, i.e. around the clock and over a longer period of time, demanding skin is provided with optimal care and regains its youthful radiance.


• Oat Extract: Noticeably lifts the skin

 Yeast Extract: Stimulates the synthesis of anchor proteins in the dermal-epidermal connective layer and therefore reduces the volume and depth of wrinkles

• Vitamin A Palmitate: Promotes regeneration of the epidermis, improves the skin structure

• Saccharide Isomerate: Mixture of various sugars produced from plant-based glucose which bind firmly to the skin’s creatine and ensure a long-lasting increase in the skin’s moisture

• Long- and Short-Chain Hyaluronic Acid: Immediately noticeable skin smoothing and increased skin moisture; reduces wrinkles caused by dryness

• Isostearyl Isostearate: Fortifies the hydrolipidic barrier


pH VALUE 6.3


Massage Lifting & Recovery Cream in gently in the morning and/or evening after skin cleansing.  

Tip: Preferably apply in the evening as a supplement to Rich Nutrient Skin Refiner.

Recommendation: Face Guard combats premature skin aging with effective light protection. To achieve this, always apply the extremely light lotion beneath Lifting & Recovery Cream during the day.


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