Microsilver Serum

Microsilver Serum

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  • Activates natural skin rejuvenation
  • Refines the pore structure
  • Provides moisture
  • Helps to fight against existing spots and skin blemishes
  • Light texture
  • Quickly absorbed
  • Pleasant fresh scent
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Microsilver Serum is effective and long-lasting for the relief of spots, skin blemishes and stress-induced irritation.

The highly-effective formula, with 0.2% micro-silver and 3.5% glycolic acid, brings lasting improvement to the skin’s appearance and achieves an optimum balance between effectiveness and gentleness to the skin.

Micro-silver has been shown to remove germs and micro-organisms on the skin’s surface. The high-purity, high-porosity silver which is produced by a complex mechanical process, has an average particle size of 10 micrometres. Thanks to this special surface, micro-silver leaves a film on the skin which can supply anti-bacterial silver ions at any time. The lasting restoration of your skin to a clear, smooth appearance is supported and accelerated. Due to its size, micro-silver does not penetrate into the deeper skin layers.

Glycolic acid reduces excessive hornification. Existing blackheads are reduced faster and, the formation of new blackheads is prevented.

The result: Microsilver Serum improves the appearance of the skin when used regularly. Clinical studies evaluating the efficacy of micro-silver showed that a significant reduction in papules and pustules could be achieved with a dose concentration of 0.2% after just 12 weeks of use.


Microsilver: pure natural silver, removes germs and micro-organisms on the skin’s surface, stabilises the skin flora and has a soothing effect on the skin. Microsilver acts only on the skin’s surface and does not penetrate into the deeper skin layers (no nano-particles)

Glycolic Acid: breaks down hornification and refines the skin‘s pores

Glycerine: provides moisture

Allantoin: supports the natural regeneration of the skin

D-Panthenol: Pro-vitamin B5 (panthenol), stimulates cell regeneration and improves wound healing, promotes intact skin and increases the skin’s moisture level


pH VALUE 4.2


Apply Microsilver Serum onto cleansed skin and massage it in lightly. Avoid the zone around your eyes.

Tip: Ideal in combination with AHA Face Cream or Clarifying Cream Gel. We recommend using the products as follows:

1. Microsilver Serum

2. Mornings: Clarifying Cream Gel.

   Evenings: AHA Face Cream.


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