Negative Ions Air Purifier

Negative Ions Air Purifier

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Ionizers Air Purifier effectively prevent the spread of germs, so that people have a healthy living space




  • Elimination of radiation 消除辐射
  • Improve sleeping 改善睡眠
  • Disinfection 除菌消毒
  • Protect eyesight 保护视力
  • Eco-friendly 绿色环保
  • Eliminate odors 消除异味
  • Produce reactive oxygen species 制造活性氧
  • Improve lung function 改善肺功能
  • Enhanced resistance 增强抵抗力
  • Improve learning ability 提高学习能力
  • Promote metabolism 促进新陈代谢
  • Repellent mosquitoes & insect 驱蚊、驱昆虫
  • Strengthen hair’s moisture level 加强头发的保湿度
  • Purify air, reduce smoke and dust 净化空气、消烟除尘
  • Enhance magnetic field of the home environment 改善家居环境的磁场

Who need negative ions? 谁需要负离子?

  • Long-Term Insomnia and Neurasthenia 长期失眠神经衰弱的人
  • High Blood Pressure, High Cholesterol and Cardiovascular Disease 高血压、高血脂及心血管疾病的人
  • Asthma, Sinusitis and Respiratory Tract Problem 哮喘病,鼻窦炎及呼吸系统问题者
  • Diabetes and Cancer Patients and High-Risk Groups 糖尿病及癌症患者及高发人群
  • Office worker in an enclosed office environment for a long time 长期处于办公室环境的白领、上班族
  • Smoking, Drinking, Busy with Socializing 抽烟、喝酒忙于应酬的人
  • Frail Elderly and Young Children 体弱老人及幼童
  • Suboptimal Health People 亚健康人群
  • Dry Eye Syndrome Patient 干眼症的人
  • Nocturia 夜尿症
  • Foot Inflammation Patient 足膜炎的人
  • Hand and Foot Paralysis 手脚麻痹
  • The Body often has Static Electricity 身体常有静电
  • People Who Want to Stay healthy 想保健康的人

Instruction Manual

This product can be directly plugged into 220V power socket in use, power up using the all day.

Remark: Not for enclosed smoking area. Do not use at petrol stations.


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