Oxygenating Body Scrub

Oxygenating Body Scrub

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  • “2-in-1” product (shower gel and peeling) for intensive skin cleansing
  • Dead skin cells, hornification and blackheads are removed
  • Perceptibly smoothes the body’s skin
  • The circulation is pleasantly activated
  • Acts to combat “rough skin”
  • Ideal preparation for intensive body care
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Each body peeling offers the body’s skin the same advantages as a peeling for the facial skin: after the peeling, the skin is smoothed, the circulation sti­mu­lated and the skin’s ability to absorb subsequent active substances in­creased.

Oxygenating Body Scrub possesses stimulating and caring contents from algae extract. The mineral and trace element contents lend the skin perceptible smoothness.

Surface blackheads and dead skin cells are effortlessly removed and the body skin’s circulation is gently stimulated with the aid of the specially roun­ded abrasive particles.

Oxygenating Body Scrub refreshes and revives, leaving the skin feeling vel­vety soft in the long-term.


• Hydrated Silica / Silica: Diatomaceous earth, silicic acid and a mineral raw material and powder that is abrasive, cleanses removes grease

• Cocamidopropyl Betaine: Mild surfactant made of plant-based raw materials (coconut)

• Algae Extract: Moisturising and revitalizing

• Samphire: Improves the skin tissue and cell regeneration process, and enhances the general skin tone


CONTENT 200 ml
pH VALUE 5.4


Distribute Oxygenating Body Scrub over the moist body skin during bathing/ showering and massage forcefully as far as is individually comfortable. Give par­ti­cu­lar consideration to hornified areas of skin such as the elbows, knees and heels. Wash peeling residues off thorough­ly under the shower or with com­presses.

Tip: Self-bronzing products achieve a par­ticularly beautiful and even skin tone if body peeling is carried out beforehand.


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