Vitaforce C Skin Complex

Vitaforce C Skin Complex

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  • For youthful, smooth and more even skin
  • Stimulates collagen and elastin production
  • Neutralizes free radicals
  • Improves the radiance of demanding skin
  • Refreshing effect, pleasant fragrance
  • Protects against premature skin aging
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Highly-effective active substance gel for treating the first signs of skin aging: wrinkles caused by dryness and fine lines. Vitaforce C Skin Complex offers reliable assistance.

A combination of low- and high-molecular hyaluronic acid ensures noticeable skin smoothness and long-lasting improvement of the moisture content in the upper layers of the epidermis. Vitamin C phosphate (a stabilized form of vitamin C, which is unstable in water, for use in cosmetic products) penetrates deep into the skin tissue, where it is transformed into active vitamin C.

Focus is placed on three effects:

  1. In the dermis, vitamin C stimulates the synthesis of new collagen and therefore slows down skin aging. Externally, this is noticeable due to improved skin smoothness.
  2. UV radiation and tobacco smoke produce high quantities of free radicals. Vitamin C is an extremely powerful antioxidant which protects the skin against the destructive effect of the free radicals and therefore prevents skin aging.
  3. Vitamin C inhibits synthesis of the skin’s native pigment, melanin. This brightens the skin’s color and improves its radiance. Age spots are reduced and the skin is left looking more even and therefore younger.

The refreshing and reviving extract of lemons supports skin brightening and improves the radiance of demanding skin.


• Vitamin C Phosphate: Stimulates the synthesis of collagen fibers, improves skin smoothness, protects against free radicals, inhibits melanin formation

• Long- and Short-Chain Hyaluronic Acid: Immediately noticeable skin smoothing and increased skin moisture; reduces wrinkles caused by dryness

 Lemon Extract: Refreshing and toning


pH VALUE 7.2


Apply in the form of a cure in the morning and/or evening. Remove 2-3 squirts from the dispenser bottle and distribute over the cleansed face. The product is absorbed into the skin without residues. Then apply a day or night cream.

Tip: If the demanding skin is rather oily, Vitaforce C Skin Complex is also optimally suitable as the sole moisturizer.


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