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  • 2 Phase Melafadin Concentrate

    $232.00 Price Excl. 7% GST
    • Intensive 40 day treatment to start off a skin brightening treatment
    • Highly effective skin brighteners with each ampoule freshly prepared for a 10-day treatment
    • Inhibition of melanin synthesis
    • Practical dosage form
  • Acne Stop Essence

    $50.00 Price Excl. 7% GST

    This is a special formulated essence enriched with Thyme and Tea Tree that helps to control the aggravation of inflamed acnes and facilitating the faster healing and clarification of acnes.

  • Age Cream

    $85.00 Price Excl. 7% GST

    Emulsion with moisturizing and emollient properties. Thanks to its components plays a strong energizing role, supporting the physiological tone of the skin, delaying the formation of wrinkles. It ‘s the effective response to the skin’s needs to be nourished and perceive a pleasant well-being feeling.

  • 35% $66.85$124.15Out of stock

    Age Perfecting Serum

    $124.15 Price Excl. 7% GST
    • Ideal additional care for more toned skin
    • Care concentrate in a light emulsion
    • Visibly improves the skin structure and firmness
    • Radiant complexion with enhanced luminosity ensures a fresh, youthful appearance
  • Age Serum

    $75.00 Price Excl. 7% GST

    It tones the skin maintaining its elasticity and helping to prevent the appearance of wrinkles. It is an effective and immediate response to the skin with lack of nourishment, that has to be restored.

  • AHA Face Cream

    $88.00 Price Excl. 7% GST
    • Activates natural skin rejuvenation
    • Refines the pore structure
    • Provides moisture
    • Helps to fight against existing spots and skin blemishes
    • Light texture
    • Quickly absorbed
    • Pleasant fresh scent
  • Alps Edelweiss Boosting Fluid

    $100.00 Price Excl. 7% GST
    • The unique combination of Edelweiss stem cell and Swiss pinot noir grapes extract creating anti-oxidation and anti-glycation to slowing skin ageing
    • Fights free radicals and protect skin harmful from UV damage
    • Anti-glycation and protect skin cell againt environmenttal stresses
    • Prevention of collagen loss by protects against skin protein oxidation
    • Reduce the depth and amount of wrinkles
    • Whitening effect and inhibit tyrosinase, prevent the formation of melanin
  • Alps Glacier Oxygenating Cream

    $120.00 Price Excl. 7% GST
    • Transparent and highly permeable liposomes envelop active energy alps glacier water
    • Continuous pouring of water in the bottom of muscles for 24 hours
    • Combined with oxygenated yeast to extract the energy required for oxygenation and cell explosion
    • Promote cell metabolism while stimulating fibroblast proliferation
    • Keep skin hydrated and full of vitality at all times
  • Anti-Pollution Cream

    $98.00 Price Excl. 7% GST
    • Acts as a shield against negative external influences
    • Strengthen the skin’s resistance to environmental pollutants
    • Provides the skin with long-lasting hydration
    • Leaves the skin feeling soft and smooth immediately
    • Rich consistency
    • No parabens
  • Anti-Wrinkle Booster

    $103.00 Price Excl. 7% GST
    • Immediate lifting effect
    • Ultimate rehydration
    • Visible smoothing of dry skin wrinkles
    • Reduces long-term expression lines
    • Good make-up foundation
  • Aquatense Moisture Gel+

    $93.00 Price Excl. 7% GST
    • Supports and stimulates the skin’s moisture binding capacity
    • Promotes a long-lasting moisture deposit in the upper layers of skin
    • Ensures a balanced moisture level
    • Intensively supplies moisture
    • Protects against free radicals
    • Visibly refines the skin structure
  • Argan Stem Cell Restructuring Cream

    $150.00 Price Excl. 7% GST
    • Swiss plant stem cells combined with Clover proprietary technologies
    • Selection of argan stem cells and apple stem cells
    • Activate and protect epidermis and dermis fibroblasts
    • Improve ability of cells to self-reliance
    • Reducing wrinkles and improve skin smoothness
    • Prevent and slowing down skin ageing

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